Alliance Wars: Who’s on the Attack?

First let’s talk basics.  Who should you bring on the attack.  Let’s start with that.

First, you are playing against other player’s heroes.  The better players are going to have the mastery ‘Willpower’.  So this means, when you toss a de-buff on a hero, they are going to regenerate 1.5% (Maybe 1.725% if they have recovery) of health per de-buff.

What this means is, if you have a hero who puts bleed on someone, that hero will regain 1.5% of their health per second (the green numbers come out every 1/2 second so you will see .75% per 1/2 second on screen).

So that’s bad enough, but these heroes get a LOT of extra health, so I just fought a hero with Willpower and Recovery maxed out.  That hero had, with the bonuses, 53000ish hitpoints.  I toss one armor break on him and he gets back…

53000 * .01725 = 914 hitpoints back per second

So every half second you will see a +457 coming out of him.

If he had 2 armor breaks, double that number.  You just got to make sure your heroes are not going to activate Willpower.  You can’t keep up with that level of healing.  So who?

Daredevil and Storm are good ones.  They only Stun, which will activate Willpower, but at least you can keep punching them the whole time.  You should come out ahead.  Black Widow is good too (and her signature ability will also help, if it’s unlocked).

Some you can manage.  Winter Soldier will put bleeds on people if they use Special Attack 1 or 3.  Try to only use Special Attack 2.

Bottom line, read your heroes and know how to use them.

More on this on my next post when I talk about the AW map.

I’m Back!

So I’m back and I need to figure out how to work the new interface for wordpress and a bunch of stuff.

So why am I back?

Right now, it’s more about Gaming: Marvel Contest of Champions.  My family and I are playing this a lot and I want to discuss it.  I’m sure that politics and other subjects will come up, but I’m going to start with this Marvel game and talk gaming.    Another post shortly.  Here we go.

5e Player’s Handbook


So let’s talk about the new PHB. First if you are still playing 1e it’s all there for you:


  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Halfing
  • Human
  • Dragonborn (from 3.5e)
  • Gnome
  • Half-Elf
  • Half-Orc
  • Tiefling (from 4e)


  • Barbarian (Added to 1e from Dragon #63)
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Fighter
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer (from 3.5e)
  • Warlock (from 3.5e)
  • Wizard

So, there’s note much added from 1e expect a few of the most popular Races\Classes. As you go thru the book it talks about what rules are optional. The biggest area is all of Chapter 6 is Optional (Multiclassing and Feats). I’m glad that Feats has been rolled back a bit. It always seemed to me add a layer of complexity.

So I’ll give more impressions as I read more, but thinking back to what people were guessing what 5e was going to be about. A lot of folks thought it would be somewhere between 3.5e and 4e. I think it’s more between 1e and 3.5e. In one sentence (which really isn’t total fair to the game): It’s 1e with the best of 3.5e. I don’t see much of 4e at all, but I’ll bet those combat rules will be optional somewhere down the line…

D&D 5e Starter Set Review (Update)

Just a quick update on playing the Starter Set:

  • First the adventure in the set is well done.  Lots of subplots to do and it really does step by step a DM thru the adventure and the rules.
  • I would say the game play right now is closer to 3rd edition.  However, it does have a little of a 1st edition feel to it since the rules are boiled down quite a bit.
  • I would guess, as more of the rules are added it will feel more like a new 3rd edition, but I’ll bet it will have options to add more of a 4th edition combat feel, if that is what you like.

I know that is a very high level feel, but that’s all we have right now.  We will find out more when the Player’s Handbook is released.

D&D 5e Starter Set Review

So I got a D&D 5e (Next) starter set. What do I think and is it worth it given that you can download the basic rules for 5e for free and the starter set is $20 at your local store.

To start, what do you get with the starter set?

  • A starter set rulebook
  • A D&D Adventure to run (Lost Mine of Phandelver)
  • 5 Characters to play with
  • One set of D&D dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20)

Here is a video if you need to see this in more detail:

To start let’s compare the Basic Rules with what is given to you in the Starter Set. The Starter Set rules tell you:

  • The basics on how to play D&D
  • How to fight
  • An overview on Adventuring
  • How to cast spells

These are basically the 4 chapters in the book and they give you enough info to get your pre-rolled characters to level 5.

The basic rules for free download give you all that, plus how to create your own characters.  So for the starter set you are stuck with the pre-rolled characters.  The basic rules give you all the details of your character class up to level 20.

As for the Adventure, it’s in 4 parts and per the introduction is enough to get the party from level 1 to 5 by the end of it.  It’s fairly long.

So did I get my $20 worth?  My answer is ‘What’s your goal in buying this?’

I have two kids.  I had a mixed success getting them into 4e, mostly because they and their friends were at a mixed level of maturity.  This is going to work great.  I can toss them a rulebook that will get them easily into the ‘How to play’.  The 5e rules, so far, are much more streamlined than 4e was for combat, but let’s see if that holds as the books come out.  The adventure itself looks to be great for a starting DM (if my oldest wants to try) and is big enough that it is worth the $20 bill on it’s own.

However, if you are an experienced gamer and just want to convert your current campaign at some point.  You should consider passing.  There is not enough here (or out yet).  Pick up the Basic rules and get ready for when the 5e Players Handbook and Monster Manual comes out.

This will be more than enough to get my kids (no friends for now) and wife back into D&D for the summer.

D&D Next (5e)

So I’ll be picking up the D&D Starter kit for 5e (Next) on July 3rd.

D&D Next Starter

This will be a good starting point for my kids who have interest in D&D and this will get them on the ground floor with the next edition. More soon.

Cosmos 2014 Episode 1

Like Cosmos, I feel I’ve been away too long… Let’s try to stick around a bit more.

I just watched the first episode of Cosmos. I’m going to try to give my thoughts on this series each week.

In today’s climate where religion is feeling the heat from Science more than ever as the Internet educates more people each day. It was hard to look at today’s show as anything but a slap at religion and the anti-science crowd.

At the start, I found the beginning of the show too quick. The show really assumes that we know about the first show from many years ago. That we know about this spaceship that Neil zips around in. The details of what the show was are touched but ever so briefly. Maybe I give the age of the Internet too little credit, but I would have liked to have seen a bit more.

However, once you dive in and get used to the water, Cosmos takes off.

Neil (our host), gives you the cosmic perspective, as he likes to do, and shows our place in the universe and beyond. Once we get there, he hits religion in the face with the story of Giordano Bruno. Bruno was a monk who was burnt at the stake for a number of religious reason which partly included some ideas the universe and our part in it that happened to be true. Cosmos falls here a bit, because it focuses on Bruno being killed for Science and that was only part of the equation.

However, I think in this day and age the point is a fair one. We live in an age where Science and new ideas are openly challenged by religion. The debate with Bill Nye and Ken Ham shows that:

We know the stories of the Bible can not be taken at face value and yet religion can not change. It dare not or the house of cards will fall. People like Ken Ham are the thought police.

Cosmos then turns around and looks at our place again in cosmic time. The effects are great and again makes you understand how small you are.

Overall I liked the first show even with the few stumbles. I would liked to have seen more details about the science, but I’m sure that is saved for other shows. It’s a solid start.

Day of the Doctor (Review)

If you don’t watch Dr Who, then this post makes no sense to you. Don’t read more if you haven’t seen Day of the Doctor.

*** Spoilers ***

First, I’m a big Dr Who fan. I’ve seen all the ‘old Who’ shows and most of the ‘new Who’. (I missed a few and I’m knocking those out now.)

I think Day of the Doctor took in a direction that few fans thought it would. I think a bunch of folks were expecting more Time War in the show to start with.

Most of the show was a ‘normal’ show. You had Zygons, they had a plan and the doctor (2/3 of them depending on how you count) foiled it. The events with the Zygons made the ‘War Doctor’ realize that he had to ‘push the button’. Everything so far make it an OK show…

Then everything took off…

The doctors coming back to be with the War Doctor to kill their own race was just moving and all the doctors coming back to save his race was epic. It was a great end to the story.

At the end, the War Doctor will be remembered as another doctor because he did not kill the Time Lords. He was accepted by the 10th\11th (now 11th\12th in my book) as one of them. Add him in boys…

War Doctor

And then Tom Baker came back…

Baker was a future Doctor who took on his old face (very clever) and was retired. He tells (in a round about way) Matt Smith’s doctor to go and find the Time Lords.

And with that the whole show changed…

The show since the ‘reboot’ has had the theme that the Doctor had killed his race the Time Lords and he has been wondering the universe sad and alone every since. Now that has changed, the Time Lords exist and he can save his planet Gallifrey and all the Time Lords.

In the end, for the first time, the Doctor saved himself and that makes this the best Doctor Who ever.

Night of the Doctor

I’ve been wanting to talk about Doctor Who and the coming 50th Anniversary, but watch this first and we will talk later.

The Best Scam Ever!

I haven’t tossed up a good Thunderf00t vid in awhile:

I have to admit I don’t get it either. I guess my brain is not wired that way. The good news is that the number of people with no religion is on the rise.

I really don’t care if you think you are an Atheist, Agnostic or a ‘None’. If you are not giving money to any religion, you are reducing their power.