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Catholics vs Christian in Science

We had some friends over for the holiday one of whom is atheist, but who went to Catholic high school and collage. Someone happened to ask him why he went to a school that is anti-science?

The answer he gave shocked that person a little bit and I find it does most ‘casual’ Christians when this subject has come up for me in the past: ‘The Catholic church has no problems with science at all. This includes the earth is billions of years old, Evolution works, etc., etc. AND they teach it in their schools’

I don’t think many Christians realize that the anti-science crowd is just a vocal subset of their religion. Side note: The Christian school I went to considered catholicism a cult. I always thought that was a bit overboard.

I can find many other faults with the Catholic religion but being anti-science is not one of them. It’s a lesson that they learned and the ‘Born Again’ Christians has not…

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