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Getting Away from God Part 1

I grew up in the Philadelphia area. I went to church and youth group. I would have to say that overall, I was a good kid that didn’t get into trouble. If you would have asked me back then, I would say that I was ‘born again’.

That said, a number of things bothered me overall about religion. Nothing that I could put into words when I young, but I’m a extremely ‘left brain-ed’ person and something wasn’t adding up.

When I was going into 8th grade, the public school system went on strike and my parents figured that maybe private school was better. I tested into a school called Cedar Grove Christian Academy. Today that school is called International Christian High School.

8th grade went fine. There was no advanced math class, but outside of that it was OK. However for 9th grade, the person who ran the school retired and the new head of the school wanted to turn it into something different. For a start, all teachers who didn’t have a degree from Bob Jones University was fired and replaced with someone who did (expect for one woman who was a long standing member of the church).

By 10th grade, the school went off the deep end into much of the anti-science that you see today. The answer to many ‘mistakes’ in science was the great flood, but there were others.  However, I was enough of a science geek to know that a lot what they were teaching was crap.

While I was figuring this all out they had this big two or three day assembly. I can’t recall the topics except to say they were attacking anything and everything of ‘this world’, but the last 5 minutes hit me right between the eyes…

A picture of the Dungeons and Dragon Players Handbook flashed on the screen:

‘Never play this game! It is the tool of the Devil!’

I was a huge D&D player. I was stunned…

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