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Getting Away from God Part 2

I had heard of D&D getting negative press and I could understand why from a Christian point of view.


D&D had plenty of soft porn. 🙂 However, in the end it was a GAME. No more dangerous then any other game, book, etc. Sure I understand that it wouldn’t be something that I would want my religion teacher to see, but they were going a few levels higher than that…

‘Tool of the Devil???’

I didn’t feel that I was doing anything wrong when I played D&D. Certainly, I knew kids who were doing worse things then pretending to kill monsters and rolling dice. Something was clearly out of whack. This and what they were doing in my science classes was not something inspired by God. It felt more and more like a form of control.

My parents must have known that something was up with the school. My Dad I told me a few times that he would pull me out of the school at the end of the year if I wanted, but if I went there for 11th grade that I should finish 12th grade there as well. I strongly felt that if I stayed there any future that I would want with the sciences may be lost. They were not teaching science, but their own dogma.

I told Dad to get me out and my records were transferred within days. I was shortly quizzed by my bible teacher on why I was leaving and I made up some lie about the cost of tuition. I got the feeling that I was not the only one leaving.

To this day it has to be one of the top 5 decisions of my life…

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