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Why Going Against Science is Bad

So I think this is a key topic right now with the GOP. So first let’s define what science is. Let me try to roll this up in layman terms:

  • Science is process of taking information and using it to make a working model of some part of the universe.

So, let’s give a simple example. Let’s say we want to create a model plane that mirrors a DC-10 just at a smaller scale so we can use it to test the limits of the real plane without putting people at risk.

We look at a DC-10 and start to craft a working model. After we are done, we take a look at it and might find some problems with it. Maybe the nose is too heavy compared to the real plane and causes it to nose dive easily. So we work on the model to fix that. Then we find something else and fix that…

We repeat this process until we are satisfied we have something to test with. Science is just like this, however the model is never finished. We are constantly trying to improve the model.

This is why everything in Science (outside of Mathematics) is called a Theory or an Hypothesis.

  • Hypothesis is an idea that needs to be tested.
  • Theory is a explanation that generally has wide acceptance or has been proved. One can say that a Theory is a explanation for a group of hypothesis that have been shown to be true.

People can nitpick these definitions a little. I’m looking at this from the 20,000 foot level.

So this is why everything in Science is ‘just’ a theory. We accept that any model can be improved. For example, The Theory of Gravity. We have a good Theory of Gravity until we get into Quantum Mechanics. Someday this Theory will be improved just like the model plane.

When the GOP denies Theories like Evolution which has wide spread support among science and Global Warming which enjoys a similar type of support, you are in effect saying that the model we have is wrong.

OK, you can do that, but you have to state not only what you think is wrong with the model but how you would improve it and then you would need to test to show that improvement. That’s the problem, the GOP is great saying the model is bad but not how they would fix it. The reason? They can’t show that it is wrong/how to improve it, so the current model stands in the science community.

So, how does this affect the USA?

Simple example: Our best Science says that Global Warming is man-made is true. That model says we should be moving to more green technology for our energy today in order to stop big future problems down the road. However, while we are arguing over the issue which is well settled science, China is leading the race to create green technology.

Does anyone in the USA have an issue of getting their future energy from China???

This is my issue.  The GOP is directly hurting the USA’s standing in the world.  Science is what drives our leadership in the world and everyone should care about that.  And most of this stance is due to religion.

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