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Wings of War -> Wings of Glory

Let’s move on to lighter topics. The Game ‘Wings of War’ is going to be re-published under the name ‘Wings of Glory

Here is a video that reviews the game:

Overall, I’m happy the game is being reprinted. It can correct some issues I have with this game.

The Good

  • WWI Plane Combat is always cool. The planes from that time have a lot of different twists in the way they fly. For example, a plane might be very good at turning right but not left.
  • http://www.wingsofwar.org has a lot of good aids to play the game.
  • There are minis that you may use with the game.

The Bad

  • There is not much re-playability in the game without adding extra rules or buying more parts to the game.
  • Some of the rules (altitude) work better with the minis than with the standard games.

The Ugly

  • The cost of the game is high for what you get. If you factor in the cost of the minis you can dump a lot of money into this game.

The ‘Wings of War’ site helps, as it gives you optional rules to give it more of a role player element to it. As well as ideas to fix some of the other rules if you get into it.

It sounds like the author is trying to fix some of these problems in the re-print. I hope it works out.

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