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7 Wonders

One game I’ve been enjoying is 7 Wonders.

Overall, it’s a good game. You are trying to get the most points by playing cards. There are a number of ways to get points: By Building your Wonder, Armies, Science, etc.

The main trick is you get to play one card in your hand and then you pass your hand to the next person (as does everyone else). So you are trying to play the card that helps you the most and trying to make sure the person next to you doesn’t get passed a card he wants… and everyone else playing is doing the same.

The game moves quick. Maybe 45 mins if you have new players and 30 mins otherwise.

Here is the Dice Tower review of the game (you might want to skip to time 1:11 on the video, the start has some bad audio):

Overall, I like this game and agree a lot with these guys. It’s not a heavy game, but that’s OK and if you play it alot live or online, then it might get a little old. However, when the game plays this fast, I don’t find that to be an issue. It’s simple (a bit of a learning curve for new players who don’t play resource games) and quick.

I disagree that this game has no theme. It’s a CARD game, not a game with pieces. Each wonder does play a little differently. The cards look great and are well made. I think these guys are compairing it to heavier games and that’s not fair to 7 Wonders.

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