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Salute to Creationist Women (My Thoughts)

I have a few videos from youtube user potholer54 on my blog. I’ve been watching his videos for a long time. He’s clearly professional and knows his science. The goal of his channel to quote him is:

The main purpose of this channel is to explain in simple terms the conclusions of scientific research, and correct some of the unsourced crap we get fed on the Internet.

And he does this quite well. One thing he does each year is to award the ‘Golden Crocoduck’ to the person who creates the ‘most outrageous piece of BS spouted in pursuit of the creationist cause’ to quote him. Here is one of his latest videos:

Now I find nothing wrong with that video. It’s 100% correct. Amenakin is a weak person to have been nominated by someone (there is much stronger BS out there), but she has a good base of people who follow her channel, so I think calling her out is a good thing.

Here is her original video. A few points:

First, she claims to be a scientist. I’m calling BS on that. Nothing that she talks about in her video refutes evolution from a science point of view. Evolution works! It has many uses and supports a billion dollar industry. If she has any science background at all, she would know that the only thing that’s going to stand up to someone who knows science is to talk about where the theory doesn’t work. Clearly this video is just aimed at people who don’t know better, don’t want to learn about science at all and just want to hear their ideas agreed with.

The saddest part about this is her reaction. Instead of her ‘putting on her science hat’ and explaining herself, she had to post someone else’s video on her channel to defend her. Plus, she got so many thumbs down and negative comments that she took down the ratings and starting censoring the comments.

Like all religions of the world, it can’t stand up to any real discussion.

Here is potholer’s response:


Update 9/15/11: Of course Amenakin made a claim that these videos are against copyrighted material, which they are not. Everything here is covered under ‘Fair Use’ so people can comments on them. The news channels do this all the time.

Now the videos have copies all over youtube to fight these false claims. Here are new links that work:

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