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Salute to Creationist Women Part 3

As I had guessed potholer54 and Amenakin have been talking. From potholer’s youtube site:

UPDATE: I have been in correspondence with Amenakin, and there is now a better understanding and a meeting of minds. On Sunday I filed the counter-claim to try to get my videos restored, but this may take time. In the meantime, Amenakin has withdrawn her own video “‘Evolution Deceit”, under no pressure from me, but because she has had second thoughts about its veracity and tone. We are planning to make a joint video to explain our positions and, most importantly, areas where we now agree. One thing is clear: Amenakin is no VenomFangX. So while I greatly appreciate all the support — and I’m slowly getting through all your messages — please don’t harrass Amenakin. I think she acted unwisely, but not out of malice, and she now has a much better understanding of how her video spread the wrong message. That does not dilute my efforts, as a matter of principle, to get my videos restored, but that is now in the hands of the system.

I’ll post my own thoughts on the video when it comes out. Personally, I’d like to hear more about Amenakin’s background. Her claims to be a scientist on her video (which is now pulled) just smacks of lying through your teeth just to make the point. Otherwise, I would chalk up the video to talking about a subject that you have no background for.

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