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Ultimate Werewolf is Back

w00t! Ultimate Werewolf has been reprinted and there is an expansion as well:

Werewolf is a really good and simple game. I sometimes pull it out for the kids at birthday parties. However, you have to watch out for peeking if you are playing with younger kids.

You can follow the link above, but in short people sit in a circle and each person is given a card that IDs them as either a werewolf or a villager which is kept hidden until the player is killed. Each round is two turns. A day turn where the players question each other and vote to kill a player that they hope is a werewolf. Killed players are out of the game. Then there is a night turn where everyone closes their eyes, except the wolf(s), who quietly picks whom they want to kill that night. The game continues that cycle until either all the wolves are killed or the number of wolves is equal to the number of villagers. There are also some special villagers who have powers to help their team.

Another option I use, so I can play as well is the iPod Version of Werewolf. It’s a great help when you have young kids (can’t peek), but it could use some more villagers (or wolves) with special powers.

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