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Christian Right Fighting Theocracy?

So while I happened to be on the Washington Post, I found another article to comment on: Christian Right Fighting Theocracy By Jordan Sekulow

So the article is arguing about a how Christians would never want to setup a Theocracy in the USA. The first point:

Evangelical Christians are leading an international campaign against theocracy, the very system of government we are accused of trying to implement right here in America.

um, you DO know that those aren’t Christian theocracies that we are fighting right? Isn’t this comparing Apples to Oranges? Are you telling me that if say England became a Christian Theocracy tomorrow that there wouldn’t be people saying ‘Let’s do the same in the US’?

Sorry I don’t believe it for a minute.

Christians who seek to participate in the political process do so not as an attempt to install some type of theocratic rule, but to ensure that the government fulfils its God-ordained role in society to promote justice, provide security, and protect the God-given freedoms of its people.

Wow, well there are a lot of directions I could go with this.

The problem with this is the Bible is a mixed bag. You look around and there is a lot of things you can find the Bible supporting that I wouldn’t want and who gets to choose how to interpret these ‘God-ordained roles’?

Justice? Let’s kill our kids if they curse at us or are disobedient. Exodus 21:17.

Provide Security? We already have plenty of guns, missiles, etc. Not sure what God-ordained Security is. I thought God was more about helping your neighbor. Well the GOP is not good at that part.

Sorry easy shot.

Protect the God-given Freedoms? And what are they? Women are nothing more than property in the bible. Slavery? The Bible was good with that as well. Last I checked the only freedoms we have were drawn up by men in Philadelphia years ago.

The problem is the Bible doesn’t spell these things out clearly. How could it? A lot of the ideas we have today on what is fair didn’t exist in the Bronze Age when the Bible was written.

And that’s the problem with people trying to figure out how to fit a very old book to modern times. It doesn’t fit and that’s why we get things like:

  • The Wedge Strategy which tries to take us back to a time when we knew less about the world.
  • School Boards trying to re-write American History
  • Build a park around Noah’s Ark and teach kids that this myth is true. And using tax incentives to pay for part of it by the way.

All this is why we have groups like National Center for Science Education because we need people to fight against the bat-shit crazy stuff that ‘men of God’ come up with.

It’s something we can’t let happen… because having America live in the 19th century while the rest of the world lives in the 21st does not make us a strong nation.

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