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Salute to Creationist Women Part 4

Well the joint video is up and I have some thoughts:

I’m not going to get into all the hate that was tossed onto Amenakin for her religion. That behavior is clearly wrong and if you don’t understand that then me telling you isn’t going to change your mind. In this part only I support Amenakin.

However, I believe the claims on that Amenakin’s channel is blocking more than just that and I think that is wrong. Mainly because you can’t find one comment on there about these videos.

What I believe is one of the main pushes here is: A small business protecting it’s self interest. Amenakin has a small business and she made a video which makes it look bad, so she wants it to go away. She pulled her video and wants to see the same happen to potholer54’s videos as well. Clearly these videos come under ‘fair use’ and any lawyer could tell her that, but she’s going to fight on and lose. Hopefully potholer54 makes her pay for any legal fees he might have to pay.

Next, she says that she has a ‘teaching qualification’. That I can believe. I’ve seen a lot of teachers not understand what they are teaching and her knowledge of the subject is very superficial. If she would have stopped there on her background, I would say she shouldn’t get a Golden Crocoduck and leave it at that.

However she calls herself a scientist and claims a ‘Human Biology’ degree. Here I have a problem.

Having a science degree does not make you a scientist. I have two science degrees and I’m not a scientist. You need to be actively working in a science field to make that claim. I have no proof, but I highly doubt she is working as a scientist today just based off of her lack of knowledge of science in her video.

The same holds true for her ‘Human Biology’ degree. Her knowledge of Biology and Science is so thin here that I doubt she is telling the truth. I think she is lying about her degree.

If you believe she does have a ‘Human Biology’ degree then I think she should get a Golden Crocoduck, because I can’t believe anyone can forget that much of her degree and therefore she is lying about science.

So take your pick: Lying about her background to make a point or lying to push the creationist cause?

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