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GOP Senator Blocks Safety Bill

Article in Yahoo today…

So this is what gets me about the GOP…

The Gas and Oil industry come up safety regulations that even they can agree are needed for the industry. One Senator, Rand Paul, is blocking the regulation on the principle that regulation is bad.


Looks as someone who still thinks that Ronald Reagan was the best president in my lifetime (I was born during LBJ), I’m all for free markets and the principle of smaller government.

However, smaller government doesn’t mean no government.

Look businesses moves in the direction that makes them the most money. These market forces don’t care about what is ethical or what is good for the people or the country.

Take an extreme example like slavery. Slavery was very profitable for the South in the US before the Civil War. Was it ethical? Of course not. Was it good for the people? Well clearly not for everyone.

Much like Evolution, businesses will adapt to their business environment or die. However, it is the government that controls that environment.

So in this case, the industry wants these regulations so everyone is playing on the same playing field. This way, there are no market forces that make it profitable to cut corners in safety. Now one senator blocks the bill ‘on principle’.

Principles are nice, but no principle is absolute.

How did we get here? Why is there no give and take in politics? I blame the internet. Today it’s easy to for people to track and follow where politicians break principles even for the good of the people and the country and rally the extreme groups, in this case the tea party, to the cause of some principle. Before the internet, deals like this would never come to light in the media.

It’s time for Politicians to grow a pair and do what’s right, instead of what is expedient. Adjust to the new environment you live in.

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