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Salute to Creationist Women Part 5

Well Potholer54 put up another video on this issue with Amenakin:

So what do I get out of this video:

  • Potholer is sick of all the fuss
  • Because of the fuss, he’s pulling the Golden Crocoduck award

OK, I can understand why he is sick of the fuss. It must be thick if it’s bothering someone like Potholer54, but I disagree on suspending the Golden Crocoduck award.

Years ago I when getting my Master’s degree, I taught Calculus at the University I was going to. It’s a good deal. Students going for their Master teach math for the school, which frees up the Professors to do research. The University tosses the student a few dollars and it all works out (in my case, I didn’t have to pay for my classes and I got a few bucks for books, beer, etc).

Now in these math classes, failing 50% of your students was common. You might say that I was a bad teacher and maybe that was true, but keep in mind that I wasn’t trained as a teacher. The University gave me 1 hour of tossing some ideas my way on how to teach and that was it. Anyway, what I learned there was that you couldn’t make everyone happy. I would try to be sure, but when you have a few hundred kids to teach it just wasn’t possible. What you couldn’t do is let that get in the way of your job which was teaching others and studying you’re own classes.

That’s where I think Potholer is going wrong. In the end of course it’s his channel and he can do what he likes, but if your channel is about fighting against Anti-Science and the Crocoduck is one of the best ways to fight against that, then don’t stop just because some folks disagree with the you. You should continue to push your message the best way you can. His video with another award (The QQOQQ) was classic and gets the message across:

Anyway on a different note, Thunderf00t hits Amenakin about her illegally filling copyright docs against Potholder. Good for him to stand up for what is right.

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