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Internet: The Hope of Atheism

So I’m watching a video from AronRa:

So the point of this video is (at least in part) to counter Thunderf00t’s point that religion is an ‘artifact’ that will die out from a new generation. So they take Thunderf00t to a megachurch, get lost in the parking lot because it’s so big and go into this huge church and talk about how much money it’s raking in.

And yet…

Look I can understand where AronRa is coming from since he is living in the belly of the beast so to speak, but on the other hand in every poll you can find like this one Atheism or at least being Agnostic is on the rise.

Think about that. All the money these churches pull in and use to try to change your mind about God and yet they lose ground. Why?

I agree with Thunderf00t that the Internet has changed the playing field. Knowledge is power and the Internet allows the sharing of that knowledge on a level playing field. I think, within a time quicker than people think a critial mass will be reached that can not be dismissed by the politicians of the day.

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