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Book Review: The Magic of Reality – Follow Up

I just wanted to add a few thoughts on how reading this book with my kids is working out…

  • The 10 year old is doing well with the book. I’m sure he’s not getting every detail, but he has the understanding of all the major ideas so far in the book and asks questions where needed.
  • What I’m really happy about is the 7 year old is really enjoying the book as well. Now to be clear, we are reading the iPad app. Reading the science part of the book as a whole is beyond him. However I can explain it to him simply in my own words using the book as a guide and let him play the mini games. That works really well for him.

My kids are ‘fighting’ now on who Daddy is going to read to tonight. If I didn’t have a kid age 10, I would have held off buying the book until one of the kids got older, but it’s great the what’s in the app is good enough right now to keep the 7 year old engaged. Thanks again to Richard Dawkins for a good book\app.

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