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App Review: Dungeon Mapp (iPad)

Dungeon Mapp

So I spent the $9 for Dungeon Mapp (DM) and tested it a bit with my kids.


  • Easy to build Dungeons
  • Lowest Cost between the 3 apps


  • The functionality for tracking hit points and initiative has bugs, but the programmer seems to be willing to fix most of it soon (I Hope)
  • Needs more graphics. The current selection is a bit light.

Rooms are easy to build with DM and can be done quickly if needed. That makes me glad I didn’t pony up for Battle Map (BM). BM is working on a new app from the ground up (which I assume is going to cost at least $30). It’s got to knock my socks off at this point.

As for RPG Cartographer, clearly the maps are nicer, but I, in theory, like that I can manage the group with DM. I say ‘in theory’, because DM doesn’t track more than 100 hit points per character\monster and its initiative roller doesn’t really work with monsters. That’s not going to cut it for a lot of groups. This tells me that whoever tests Dungeon Mapp hasn’t done much to test it. Not good.

That said, I’m going to hope that DM fixes those problems quickly, if not then RPG Cartographer could be the better choice. If I can’t have the tracking of the battle built in the app, then I’ll take the better graphics.

As I said, when I see Battle Map 2, then I’ll re-consider it. To be honest, considering that Battle Map (and maybe Dungeon Mapp to a degree) is hitting the wall a bit on what it can do with the hardware, I’m not sure that the iPad will allow Battle Map 2 to give all the functionality it needs to make it worthy of the $30 (and maybe more) price point.

Anyway, I have a lot of players to get up to speed in 4e. Hopefully I’ll have a report in a few weeks.

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