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Review: Star Trek Fleet Captains (Part 1)


So, I hope everyone had a good Holiday and New Year’s day. Time to get back to blogging.

I had said before that I was getting Star Trek Fleet Captains (STFC) and Yggdrasil for the holidays. I’m going to start off with STFC.

This review is going to split up into two parts, mainly because I haven’t played the game yet (maybe tonight). However, there was enough about the box itself that it was worth a post.


As you can see there is a lot of eye candy and there should be for a game that lists for $100 (you can get it for $70 at online stores). 24 ships, 400 cards with nice artwork and over 100 tokens… It should rock. However…

Too many owners (like this one from Germany) are getting ships that look like:


Also reported: damaged or missing cards on BoardGameGeek‘s forums for STFC. In my case 3 ships (USS Sutherland and Reliant, Plus the IKS T’ong) had ‘popped off’ the bases, so it wasn’t even a break like in the pic above. With a little bit of super glue and a hair dryer to speed up drying, the ships were quickly fixed.

Also, 4 command posts (big cards that act as your starting point) are missing.

Now Wizk!ds is supposed to have a good and quick replacement program and I submitted my request and we will see how that goes. However, I think it goes without saying that repairing a $100 game is not cool and Wizk!ds needs to follow up with their factory about Quality Control.

The second part is the cards and the tiles for the game board, which are just cards cut to a different shape. The art is excellent with great shots of all the characters, etc. where needed. The cards themselves are on the light side. My wife, who used to deal in such things, said they upgraded the paper by having a pattern on them and they gave the cards a finish, but it was clearly lighter than Card Stock.

I’ve read the rules and the game looks like fun. I’ll report more on the rulebook and game play on part 2. However the game components have some issues. Summary:

  • Broken Ships: This is offset by the fact that WizK!ds is good at replacing the ships, but making these minis should be the company’s ‘bread and butter’. Having this many reports of damaged ships does not put the company in a positive light.
  • Cards: The art on the cards is very nice but the overall quality of the cards themselves is low. The cards are very thin. People who plan on playing the game a lot should consider sleeving the cards. Not cheap since you have 400 of them.

Still, I think the game is going to rock when I play it in the next day or two. More in Part 2…

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