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Review: Yggdrasil


(Thanks to BoardGameGeek for the images.)

So I’ve played this game once before while visiting some friends during a business trip. It’s a nice looking game:


The idea of the game is 6 ‘Evil Gods’ from the Norse Myths are trying to bring about the end of the world by destroying Yggdrasil. The tree of life that supports the 9 worlds. Each player is a God, also from the Norse world, who is trying to stop Evil from succeeding. All the players are working together against the game.

On each player’s turn, a card is flipped over which advances one of the Evil Gods along a track. The players lose if enough of the Evil Gods pass certain points on the track. The players win if they can stop that from happening by fighting Evil on their turn (winning a fight pushes Evil back on the track) until Evil runs out of cards in the deck.

There are a number of things the players have to help themselves along: Weapons, each of which helps fight one of the evil Gods, Elves, Dead Vikings Souls, etc. plus each God has their own power (some are better than others). The players can visit 3 of the 9 worlds each turn that gives them these things.

However, each of the Evil Gods has an power that activates when they move. They stop the players from using their powers or make them harder to use.

I’ve come close but haven’t won the game yet. Some of this is bad luck (I got so mad at the die roles I programmed the die in Dicenomicon) and not tracking Evil’s movement closely enough. I should be beating this game soon and adding some special cards that make the game harder.

The art and theme of this game rocks, even though the game is closer to a Eurogame then Ameritrash. It plays 1 to 6 players and I think the game gets a little harder with more players. I think it’s a keeper. I’ll be playing this one for awhile.

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