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Thunderfoot on William Lane Craig

Lately Thunderfoot has been posting videos on William Lane Craig (WLC). WLC wants to debate Richard Dawkins, who refuses. His last video takes WLC’s academic record head on…

I guess the question is: Is WLC really worth having a debate with? My answer is: No

Sure WLC is well spoken, but is that really good enough to have a debate with someone high up on the food chain like Dawkins? I haven’t seen anything from an argument point of view that really makes me think that WLC has anything new to say.

He makes a huge leap of faith that this creator exists and that this creator just happens to be his God. You may like that to be true (I wish it would rain Reese Peanut Butter Cups), but that’s a long way from it being true.

I’m sorry, but if you are God and you need people to believe that you exist and ‘follow him’ to go to heaven, it should be really easy to prove it and move on. This whole crazy system of salvation goes beyond anything that makes sense for a God who is all powerful and can do whatever he wants.

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