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Faith, it’s a God Thing

Sorry for the time between posts everyone. Went on a short vacation and then caught the latest stomach virus going around. So I’ve had a few posts bouncing around in my head. I’ll see if it’s still worth posting them all, but this was one of them.

Anyway, I’m driving back from vacation with my family, and I pass a church, which like most churches, has a board outside to post the message of the day. Today’s message was:

‘Faith, it’s a God Thing’

My thoughts as an atheist was ‘How Very True’ and how sad that it is.

Faith is, the believe in something based on trust and with a lack of proof. I can have faith that my son will find his lunch in his backpack (I just got a call from him at school that he can’t find it), but I have no proof that it is going to happen. It’s possible to have faith on a lot of things.

The problem is that religion can affect so many areas in your life and in the lives of others, both good and bad. It is sad that many people accept it so blindly. Clearly there is no other organization that anyone puts that level of trust in. Have that kind of faith with your Car Dealership, Local Soccer League, etc? Likely not.

This is likely one of my biggest problems with faith, it keeps the mind from thinking critically at what you are accepting on faith and that is never a good thing. The Atheist Experience talked about this a little this week:

And now, I will email my son’s teacher to tell her where my son’s lunch is in his backpack, because faith is something as an Atheist that I just can’t follow…

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