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Darn it Santorum!

Stop losing! Please. I love the batshit crazy you spit out:


How Deep Down the Rabbit Hole is the GOP?

February 22, 2012 1 comment

Sorry for the delay between posts. As you read 3 or 4 posts back, I was getting over a virus. Well now my kids had it, so I was busy taking care of them. Everyone is healthy again, so now life can get back to normal. 🙂

So, in my opinion, there are two main types of people who are in the GOP today:

  • Economic Conservatives – Believe less Government is Good
  • Religious Conservatives – Let’s their believe in God drive their thinking and their vote.

For many years I was solidly in the ‘Economic’ part of the GOP. I’m still registered Republican mainly because I’m too lazy to fill out the paper work to switch parties.

Now there are two reasons I have moved away from the GOP and I am more of an ‘Independent’ voter today.

  • The GOP is Anti-Science – The GOP is doing for Climate Change, for example, what they did for the smoking industry. BTW, what Gleick did was wrong, but nothing in those docs was shocking.
  • God Rules a good part of the GOP – nuff said there.

Between God’s name being toss around the GOP left and right and their Anti-Science movement, the GOP is not living in reality. Now I have my problems with Dems as well, but crazy is wide spread in the GOP. All GOP players running for President have to deny science and praise God or they will get no votes in these races.

So this GOP race is perfect for seeing how much of a mess the GOP is! Let’s look at who we have:

  • Romney: Normal Rich guy who wants power. Doesn’t really have much of a stand on most issues expect what can make him and his buddies money.
  • Santorum: The God Vote
  • Gingrich: The God Vote with Extra Crazy on the side (Moon Base? Really??)
  • Paul: The Libertarian side of the GOP

Now per the Washington Post the race for Delegates stands:

  • Romney: 123
  • Santorum: 72
  • Gingrich: 32
  • Paul: 19

1144 needed to win.

So the ‘God’ vote (Santorum\Gingrich) is about equal to Romney. Now this isn’t looking in terms of number of votes, but in terms of Delegates which is what counts in these elections, but it’s still interesting to me how many will vote for Santorum\Gingrich when neither of which has any chance in a national race.

Also interesting is that Romney is only has 50% of the Delegates so far, which raises a question on if he will have a majority of Delegates going into nomination.

It really comes down to these next two votes on the 28th. Santorum is catching up in Arizona and is leading in Michigan. If Santorum takes at least one, then it’s going to be a war until Super Tuesday on the 6th.

Personally, I want Santorum to win. Bring out crazy God vote. Any woman who votes for him is nuts, unless you like being a 2nd class citizen in this country.

Bring it on! The only way we are going to start getting God out of politics in this country is to take it head on.

Watts Up With That? and Lord Monckton – Part 2

Here is Part 1 with all the videos.

So Load Monckton has responded to all those videos in the first post and Potholer54 (Peter Hadfield) has replied back.

OK, first watch the videos in the part 1 link (or at least some of them). I’ll wait…

So, if you watched those videos you will see that those videos have little to do with climate change directly. What they really deal with is Lord Monckton misquoting science papers, books, etc. that talk about climate change in a way that ‘Climategate’ followers could only dream about.

At this point, no matter what side of the issue you fall on, the key issue here is Lord Monckton seems to be misleading people and both sides of the climate change debate should care about that, if both sides really want to get to the truth of the matter.

So, read the second link I’ll wait again…

OK good. So Lord Monckton replies back with calling Peter Hadfield names, etc. No real comment on the points made by him. Now to anyone else, this should raise a red flag. Anthony Watts allows this name calling to continue in the comments thread.

Now this thread has been going on for about a month now. In time Peter responds and after a lot of back and forth Watts finally allows Peter to rebut Monckton’s post as part of the post. I find the different comments of Mr Watts interesting…

For example:

we do look forward to your debunking Al Gore in a video (I’ve yet to see one dedicated to him let alone the five you dedicate to Monckton in references above, feel free to drop a link here), since you claim not to be biased in any way.

– Anthony

um, who cares if it’s one video or 5 or none for that matter. That has nothing to do with Monckton misquoting his sources. Look at the videos and see what you think.

Anyway, it goes on like that for awhile. I will give Mr. Watts some credit for (after Potholer explaining what an ‘equal response’ is) posting Potholer’s reply in the body of the main post. It is clear that there is some one sided snipping of posts however. WUWT is clearly not a free forum like Potholer’s channel is.

Clearly, the readers of WUWT have their brains wired differently than I. This is just about quoting your sources correctly and if you are able to step back and look at things objectively it is clear that Monckton is being misleading.

The End of YouTube? (WLG vs Tf00t Part 2)

Here is the question: Is YouTube a forum that is worth posting on?

If you are a big company, then yes (for now). YouTube is popular and is supported in a lot of ways (phone apps, etc). However, what if you are a small channel or someone who posts for fun, vlogging, etc. I would say no.

As you can see from the video below, YouTube refuses to police their own forum. Others can file false copyright claims to quiet people with whom they don’t agree with. I can understand why YouTube doesn’t want to play policeman to a degree, but there has to be a standard where enough is enough.

If not, then YouTube, as a forum of free speech, will end. I think that’s the way its going and I wouldn’t put my time into this forum if I was starting out new. YouTube itself won’t go, but it’s opening the door that I think another web site will step through and grab some of it’s market share.

Thunderfoot will still win this fight in the end. It’s only a matter of time, but it would be nice to put folks who break the law in their place.

William Lane Craig vs Thunderfoot

*Sigh* Here we go again…

Thunderf00t had one of his videos DMCA-ed by, it appears, someone who works with William Lane Craig. I just had a whole series of posts about this with potholer54. Here is a mirror of the video that was removed:

What this means, for those late to the party, is that Thunderfoot made a video using some of William Lane Craig’s video clips and someone is claiming copywrite. Even though Craig has the copywrite on the video (I would assume), people are allowed to use clips for the purpose of commenting, etc. on the videos. News stations do this all the time.

What is in doubt is if the person making the claim has the blessing to make it by Craig. If not, that person can get in trouble in the courts. If so, well then Craig is wrong and we will have to see what comes of it. Thunderf00t tried contacting Craig with no luck.

Thunderf00t has had to deal with this before. This is nothing new to him.

It just doesn’t shock me anymore the way Christians use dishonest ways (false copywrite claims) to quiet their critics. It just makes you folks look bad. Go get him Dr F00t!

Edit: Link Corrected