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William Lane Craig vs Thunderfoot

*Sigh* Here we go again…

Thunderf00t had one of his videos DMCA-ed by, it appears, someone who works with William Lane Craig. I just had a whole series of posts about this with potholer54. Here is a mirror of the video that was removed:

What this means, for those late to the party, is that Thunderfoot made a video using some of William Lane Craig’s video clips and someone is claiming copywrite. Even though Craig has the copywrite on the video (I would assume), people are allowed to use clips for the purpose of commenting, etc. on the videos. News stations do this all the time.

What is in doubt is if the person making the claim has the blessing to make it by Craig. If not, that person can get in trouble in the courts. If so, well then Craig is wrong and we will have to see what comes of it. Thunderf00t tried contacting Craig with no luck.

Thunderf00t has had to deal with this before. This is nothing new to him.

It just doesn’t shock me anymore the way Christians use dishonest ways (false copywrite claims) to quiet their critics. It just makes you folks look bad. Go get him Dr F00t!

Edit: Link Corrected

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