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The Rabbit Hole goes VERY Deep

When I asked the question Howe Deep down the Rabbit Hole is the GOP, I knew the answer but I didn’t know the GOP was going to show it’s colors this quickly.

I’m sure we have all heard about Rush Limbaugh’s words against Sandra Fluke. I could say that Rush is an ass, etc. but that’s already been said by people who are better than me with words.

What’s interesting is the GOP response: Not Much

George Will thinks the GOP is afraid of Rush. Maybe some are, but I think Mr Will is missing something about his party.

Generally speaking, a good number of the GOP believes Rush was right.

The core of your party is the Religious Right and they agree with him. In this poll 45% found Rush ‘favorable’ in Ohio.

Really??? Almost half? Now that number used to be 80% some time ago (which is why Rush opened up his mouth to say ‘Sorry’), but it shows where the GOP is today. In the land of bat-shit crazy. Disagreeing with Sandra Fluke is one thing, being an ass about it is another.

This is why Religion needs to be pushed back. So we don’t get to this:

Also, on a personal note, I finally got off my butt and switched parties: Now I’m a Democrat. It doesn’t really matter, I vote for the best person for the job, but at some point you don’t want your name tied to these crazy people anymore.

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