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Sye, Eric and a Magic Sandwich

So Atheist has IMO smacked down any real discussion that God exists based on the Bible, etc. So now we have been seeing arguments like this one on the Magic Sandwich Show. The argument goes something like this:

  • Assume God Exists
  • You can know nothing without God
  • Therefore I’m right and God exists and anything you say is wrong since you don’t ‘know’ God

Now if this seems childish, you’re right. It’s easy to prove God Exist if you assume to start with that God exist and it’s easy to shoot down anything others say since without God you know nothing.

Of course it’s easy to show that via the Scientific Method, etc. we do have knowledge of how this reality works. All this babbling double talk is just that: Babbling Double Talk.

C0nc0rdance at the end really knocks it out of the park after Thunderf00t sets him up.

Here is Part 1. You can follow the video if you want to watch the rest. I’m trying to get through it, but it’s just too much dishonestly on the part of Sye and Eric. Really, Eric Hovind seems to be a wall flower so far. I think he’s hoping that Sye can carry this battle for him, because he doesn’t seem able from the last Thunderf00t video that I posted. Thunderf00t discusses that talk with Eric Hovind on his blog. He’s a better man than I. I would need a few drinks before I engaged in this level of BS.

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