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Skylanders Cloud Patrol

Skylanders Cloud Patrol

This is not board game, but it’s enough fun that I have to post it.

Skylanders is a great game that works cross platform with the Wii, Xbox360, PS3, Web Site, 3DS and IPad. The main game plays on the Wii, Xbox360 and PS3. The game itself is your basic 3 person shooter. What makes the game unique, is you are given with the game mini game characters to play in the game. These characters can level up and that information is stored on the mini, allowing you to transport your character to other people’s houses with its info intact. You can also buy new characters (which for awhile have been selling like hot cakes). These characters can also be used for the other Platforms. I’m going to focus on the IPad game, but here is the into for the main game.

In the IDevice game, it’s a straight shooter game with plenty of power ups and characters that you can unlock and upgrade. For those characters you brought for the other games, you can unlock those for free. Here is a video for it.

As you can see, it looks great and kid friendly. Lots of great sounds to go with it and I don’t know another IDevice game like it.

Cost of the game $.99. It’s a steal. The last video really shows everything about it, so I’ll stop here. It’s a lot of fun and if you are looking to shoot something this will easily scratch that itch.

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