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It’s just water?

So this weekend my family went to a Infant Baptism. My kids have not been in a Church for a Service for about 2 years, which was the last time we went to an Infant Baptism. So, my kids are checking out the church. They liked the cool windows. They were quickly bored of the service of course.

Anyway my oldest was asking about the ceremony and the talk went something like this:

Son: So what is this about?

Me: Well, the parents are promising to bring up the child in the ways of their religion. The priest will talk about that promise and then put some holy water on the child to complete the ceremony.

Son: Where’s the water.

Me: It’s usually in the front of the church. (I point at the Baptismal Font)

Son: (Walks over to the Font, looks in and looks at me with a disappointed look) It’s just water…

Me: I agree. (I guess he was expecting it to glow or something)

(Later, after the ceremony is done)

Son: So we sat through that so they could dump some water on a baby’s head and him wake up? That’s silly.

Me: Yep, I agree. 🙂

I always love how kids can look at things without all the extra baggage adults dump on top.

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