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Thunderf00t vs PZ (Part 2)

I really didn’t want to get into this topic and deeper, but since PZ posted a video, I thought it was fair to post it and comment on it.

First PZ talks about how FreeThought Blogs is not really about letting people talk about any subject. I understand that to a degree. This is an Atheist blog site, so I expect people to blog about this subject and Thunderf00t was blogging about Atheist Cons, so I would think he was in the subject matter that the website is shooting for.

Clearly PZ has a stronger take on what FreeThought Blogs is about. I would submit that the name on their website is misleading a bit, that the blog is about the Atheist movement but other causes as well.

Thunderf00t claims to have been told that he could blog about what he wanted. I see support in this claim since PZ states that they really didn’t ‘screen’ him, so it sounds like no one told Tf00t the rules. So, Thunderf00t crossed some line that he didn’t know about and got booted. Thunderf00t has a right to be ticked over that. Also, I still don’t see clear answers to what they agrued about. Some Atheist said there was a problem at Atheist Cons, Thunderf00t questioned that and I haven’t seen a good response yet supporting their claims. If Thunderf00t was booted just for his blog posts and videos, that’s lame.

Thunderf00t can appear to be a bit… heavy handed, so I’m sure he didn’t do anything to smooth things over. PZ’s rant about Tf00t’s survey is just silly and no reason to boot someone.

In the end, I still put this at 75% PZ fault. He left Tf00t in, didn’t explain the rules and then booted Tf00t after the fact when he didn’t like what he blogged about. IMO, PZ has been trying to find other reasons to add on since. I still wouldn’t want to blog there, but will still visit the site since there are other bloggers there I like.

In the end it might be for the best. Thunderf00t makes great videos, but is not the best blogger in the world or at least he doesn’t blog very often, so he might be been booted for not posting much.

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