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Bill Nye Rocks the House

Well, if you haven’t seen this video by now, you should:

Bill kicks butt and takes names by coming right out and saying that Creationism is bad for kids to learn. Also, that this type of thinking is bad for the USA and hurts us against other countries around the world.

Well, to anyone who doesn’t believe in Bronze Age Mythology anymore, this is a no brainer. This story is a copy of other older stories. Really this myth is in two parts written 100s of years apart and has conflicts between them.

If you want to believe in God, good for you. I think any study of history, etc. shows that you are wrong (depending on what you believe), but believe in a deity if that’s what you want.

The myth of Creationism has long been disproven. It’s like believing the Earth is flat. Folks in the USA need to learn where their Faith in God should end and that’s right where Scientific Theory begins.

And if you are thinking that Evolution is just a theory, please educate yourself on what a theory is in the world of science.

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