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Ray vs Ra (Part 2)

So, here’s the debate that I talked about earlier:

So, some quick thoughts:

  • AronRa has to learn to dial back the tech talk a bit. I think he explains things well to someone like me who has a number of science degrees, but doesn’t have this subject in my wheelhouse. However, he not going to convince someone who doesn’t know about Evolution that it’s true. Keep it simple. Also, slow down a bit as well to give people a chance to understand your points.
  • AronRa was also talking over Ray a bit too much. I understand he was trying to correct Ray who has no idea on how Evolution works, but if it is a debate, then each side should get a chance to speak their points without interruption.
  • It was really hard to tell if Ray Comfort really couldn’t understand Evolution, doesn’t want to understand Evolution or he does understand and didn’t want to be boxed in a corner and have to admit it.
  • In the end, AronRa won the… let’s say Argument rather than a Debate. Ray can only appeal to emotion here and has nothing really to say other than ‘Just look around, God Exists!’. Sorry Ray, but we have a very good idea how everything got here. Maybe not a 100% complete idea, but that’s no reason to add a God to the Equation.

I don’t really think it’s worth having another one of these until Ray has something better to add.

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