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I’ll Never Understand how Women Support the GOP

“I came to realize that life is a gift from God. Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

And then you have Todd Akin’s comments about “”legitimate rape”…

How you women vote for these people??? If you could somehow turn the tables and make the men being violated you know we would not stand for it (well, I would think I wouldn’t).

Here’s the deal ladies: You want equal rights to men, but you vote in these assholes who think you are 2nd class citizens. They follow the Bible where women are just property. What kind of world view to you expect from them?

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I Think Obama has the Race

Yea, I do. This poll puts Obama ahead in Ohio.

Now a lot can change, but Ohio in blue makes the math really hard for Romney. Take CNN’s map which gives a good overall picture of the race.

It has Obama ahead in points 237-206. Remember 270 is the winning number.

Let’s say Obama has Ohio: 255-206 I believe this poll. I think Romney saying that the auto-industry should go bankrupt is fatal for Ohio.

That makes Flordia a must win state. It would put Obama over the top. Not only does Romney need Flordia, but he also can’t lose more than 1 (for the most part) of the remaining toss up states of: NH, VA, WI, IA, CO and NV.

Winning Flordia and 5 out of 6 others remaining seems too steep a hill.

Iowa and Wisconsin has been leaning Obama for a while. Nevada too but not as hard. Plus, Florida comes down to Minorities vs Seniors and Minorities can be hard to count for polls.

This could be a ‘laugher’ in electoral count even though I think the popular vote will be close.

It’s a shame in a way. I could have voted for Romney in another time and place. I would have needed a better idea of what he stood for, that’s hard when the GOP base makes you say crazy things.

One of the real killers for me, which doesn’t get much press: Romney was Governor of Massachusetts and he’s losing big to Obama in his home state. Who the heck loses his home state???

Marvel Legendary

October 24, 2012 1 comment

First, sorry for the long time between posts. My work schedule has changed and I’m trying to figure out when I can do things in my life. I had to stay up until the middle of the night to post this. Partly because this looks cool and partly it will force me to figure out when to do this besides the middle of the night.

Check out this game:

Super Heros and Ascension? Yea, I’ll get this.

Hopefully it will do better than Marvel Heros.

Marvel Heros

Lots of cool ideas in this game, but the rules never really quite worked out. I want to give this game another spin however.

Anyway, I don’t pre-order many boardgames, but this might be the expection. I’m really pumped for this and hope it plays half as nice as Tom says (because he is usually overly positive).

Still, looks good. Art is good. I’m there.

Time Warp!

Man does the end of this video ring a bell.

The Hobbit (Trailer 2)

It’s getting closer… 🙂