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I Think Obama has the Race

Yea, I do. This poll puts Obama ahead in Ohio.

Now a lot can change, but Ohio in blue makes the math really hard for Romney. Take CNN’s map which gives a good overall picture of the race.

It has Obama ahead in points 237-206. Remember 270 is the winning number.

Let’s say Obama has Ohio: 255-206 I believe this poll. I think Romney saying that the auto-industry should go bankrupt is fatal for Ohio.

That makes Flordia a must win state. It would put Obama over the top. Not only does Romney need Flordia, but he also can’t lose more than 1 (for the most part) of the remaining toss up states of: NH, VA, WI, IA, CO and NV.

Winning Flordia and 5 out of 6 others remaining seems too steep a hill.

Iowa and Wisconsin has been leaning Obama for a while. Nevada too but not as hard. Plus, Florida comes down to Minorities vs Seniors and Minorities can be hard to count for polls.

This could be a ‘laugher’ in electoral count even though I think the popular vote will be close.

It’s a shame in a way. I could have voted for Romney in another time and place. I would have needed a better idea of what he stood for, that’s hard when the GOP base makes you say crazy things.

One of the real killers for me, which doesn’t get much press: Romney was Governor of Massachusetts and he’s losing big to Obama in his home state. Who the heck loses his home state???

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