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Being an Atheist during Xmas (Repost)

The Thinking Atheist reposted a video about Xmas, so I thought I would repost it as well, since I had an old link to it.

More soon, just getting slammed for the holidays…


Happy Turkey Day!

For those in the US, enjoy the holiday! 🙂

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The Godless are not Going Anywhere!

November 14, 2012 2 comments

Some good numbers from yahoo’s news feed about the religious vote and the last election. Highlights:

  • “…79 percent of white evangelicals voted for Romney on Tuesday. That’s the same percentage that Bush received in 2004, and more than Sen. John McCain received in 2008. The evangelical vote was 27 percent of the overall electorate — the highest it’s ever been for an election. Their support wasn’t enough. Not only did President Obama win soundly, but four states voted to allow same-sex marriage.”
  • “…white evangelicals comprised a quarter of the electorate, … the “nones” — those who claim no religious affiliation — are now the fastest growing “religious” group, comprising one-fifth of the population and a third of adults under 30. Seven out of 10 “nones” voted for Obama.”
  • “Second, evangelicals’ influence is waning. Conservative Christian ideas are failing to shape the broader culture. More than 3,500 churches close their doors every year, … The sweeping impact of globalization and the digital age has marginalized the church and its leaders.”

There is a lot of good in those points…

No religion is closing in on the religious 20% to 25%. While all those with no religion don’t ID themselves as ‘Atheist’, having 20% of the population outside of a church’s BS is a huge plus.

The non-religious is growing and churches are closing nationwide. Got to love that.

We are far from stamping out these myths that hurt our culture, but things are moving in the right direction. Religion will have adjust (and the GOP as well), I’m hoping that the Internet is really the game changer. I believe that Thunderf00t is right in his video that I’ve posted before: ‘The Internet: Where Religions Come to Die’

Let’s hope so. It will make for a better world.

Golden Crocoduck Winner!

The election kept me busy enough that I forgot to post the winner of the Golden Crocoduck and the QQOQQ:

Can’t say I’m that shocked who won, I voted for someone else.

Good, but nothing beats Bill from last year. 🙂

My $.02 After the Election

OK, as a former GOP supporter for many years: GOP time to take heed that you pissed me off enough to not only just not vote for the GOP but to get up off my lazy butt and leave the party (my wife as well) and become a democrat. Want to know why you lost? Here you go!

Do I like the idea of less govt? Yes, but at this point, not at the cost of being in other people’s lives!

  • Give Women some respect. You don’t give it and I’m a man. I can only wonder what the women think.
  • Give Gays, etc. some respect. I don’t care what people do in their bedrooms as long as they are not hurting anyone.
  • Give people of other races some respect.
  • Give science some respect. It knows more than you do.
  • Not all Social Programs are bad. Stop with the Big Govt. = Evil
  • Not everything is better at the State level. Some things are, some are not. A lot of things can run better at the Federal level.

I know that religion drives a lot of the anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-science stuff. Plus these voters are great because they will vote with you all the time, but guess what… They make you look crazy to the young, the educated and minorities.

We’ve grown up. Going after the white male vote isn’t going to cut it. You need more and to really succeed, you are going to need to change big time.

I can see you don’t want to. Even now as I watch the news cycles, I’m not hearing about change. Just about trying to capture a small part of the hispanic vote to push the white vote over the top.

You need more! Go the way of Reagan and kick religion to the side. Realize as he did that it’s fool’s gold and not something to mix with Politics.

Mitt Throws for the End Zone…

November 2, 2012 2 comments

It looks like Mitt is running out of options. Now he is making a play for PA.

This just tells me that Mitt is one big state short. He knows he is going to lose most of the ‘swing states’ including Ohio and he needs to take a shot at a similar size state to pull this out.

I grew up in PA and I’m still there a lot. Mitt did nothing in PA for ads this whole election and now I hear he is everywhere with phone calls, ads you name it.

Mitt can still win, but he knows he is at least one big state behind. He needs a replacement for Ohio.

Minecraft Potion Diagram for 1.4.2 V1.0

November 2, 2012 2 comments

OK, I’m starting to play with potions and I couldn’t find a diagram I 100% liked and had the new potions on it for 1.4.2, so I made my own. I need to review this for errors once I get some sleep, but here is it. Always good to have another pair of eyes to catch errors anyway…

Edit: Go to the direct link so WordPress doesn’t convert it and make the image look bad: