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Losing the Faith

I talked briefly about losing my faith at the start of this blog. I can’t say I was ever as deep into being a Christian as other folks. The logical side of my brain just fought against it too much. Still it took me a long time to really make that mental jump to say out loud ‘This REALLY makes no sense. I am an Atheist.’

Knowing that mental block, I really find stories of people who struggled out of their faith really interesting.

Seth Andrews at The Thinking Atheist has a book I’m likely to download someday: Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason

Also, anyone who has not seen it, the series: Why I am no longer a Christian by Evid3nc3 is just a gripping video series that I loved. Below is one of the first videos and is where the series really gets moving:

Maybe someday I’ll talk about my life more, but my story is just not that interesting…

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