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Review: Star Trek: Fleet Captains – Romulan Empire

Romulan WarBird

Finally played with the Romulans. 🙂

I’ve talked quite a bit about Fleet Captains. It is a nice two player game that is playable for 4. So what does the Romulans add?

Simply put, it adds a 3rd (or a 6th player if you follow the rules of two players running each faction) player to the game. The Romulan ships are very nice and didn’t come broken like some of the ships in the orginal game.

BGG Photo

On top of the ships, the main thing the game adds is a new set of Mission Cards just mostly for the Romulan player: Espionage I must say that the Missions really capture the spirit of the Romulans who are always sneaking around.

Everything else is two tons of chips and cards to support the new player. 🙂

From a rules point of view, there was very little the game added. The Romulans have the ability to add saboteurs to the crew of ships, which can mess up the other player(s). Also those ships, that are able, can cloak by giving up 5 movement points instead of an action if they wish and that is a plus. It was a very seamless addition.

Down side: The game does give some more tiles (10) to make a bigger board, but you really need more for a 6 player game. The recommended board for 3 players is a little too small. You have enough tiles to make this a little bigger board, but my feel is for 6 players you need more.

Long story short: If you like the game, get it! Can we have the Borg next please???

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