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Atheism vs Agnosticism

Hop around the internet a bit and you will find a pissing match between these two groups to see who is right about God and if he is around. Before I get into which one I think is right (which shouldn’t be hard to guess given the name of this blog) let’s define what they mean:

• Agnosticism – Knowledge about the existence or non-existence of God(s) is unknown.
• Atheism – Belief that God(s) do not exist.

You can play with these definitions, but I’m going to go with these. Let’s talk about Agnosticism first.

First Claim: Non-Existence of God is unknown.

Well, Duh! You really can’t prove that something doesn’t exist (outside of say Mathematics). Prove to me that a T-Rex doesn’t exist. You can’t look everywhere at once. Maybe they are on an island or in an underground cave. We can agree the odds are very low that one is alive today, but not zero. So telling me that I can’t prove that something doesn’t exist is not new to me.

That said, if I said that the T-Rex is extinct, you likely wouldn’t argue the point like some Agnostics do for God.

Second Claim: Existence of God is unknown.

Well, we would need to define God here. If you are talking about someone who say created the universe and then stopped messing around with it, you might be right, but there’s the problem…

Why I call myself an Atheist!

The thing is, when people ask if you believe in God, 99% of the time they mean their God: Be it the Christian God, Allah, take your pick of the standard God(s) still talked about today and that’s the God I’m talking about. The deal is, I can tell you those Gods really don’t exist in the same sense as the T-Rex doesn’t exist. We know the stories behind your God and how the myth grew into what it is today. I can’t prove 100% your God doesn’t exist like any other non-existence claim, but I can tell you given everything we know, it’s very unlikely.

For some theists, that sounds like I’m leaving myself a way out. A glimmer of hope for their God and that I might believe someday. All I can say to that is: Whenever I’m outside, crossing the street, etc. I’m never looking for T-Rexs waiting to eat me.

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