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Don’t Worry about Hell

I need to get back to games, but I had to post this. The number of people who fear Hell is just way too high.

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Poisoning your Mind

As we all watch in horror about the events in Boston, CNN makes a post about how the older brother became more religious over the last 4 years. Given the theme of this website, I had to touch on this.

Over the coming days, weeks, months, … We will get a clearer picture of what happened. I’m sure the govt. will get the information they want out of this 19 year old. For all that he’s done, he doesn’t strike me as a battle hardened solider. However, I’ll bet that religion will come into play here.

Religion takes you away from reason and poisons the mind with a new way of thinking. A way where logic is rejected and replaced for whatever the leaders of the religion want you to believe. Thunderf00t just posted a video on this. He goes off at Guatanamo Bay at the end (which I understand), but it seems out of place a bit for me.

It’s a shame. These kids had their whole lives ahead of them and they tossed it away while taking others with them. What did they really do for futher their goal? The US will go on and they will not.

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Solving Sickness 2000 Years Ago

Funny home moment, hopefully you didn’t ‘have to be there’ to like it.

So my kids don’t go to church so they only have a high level understanding of Christian myths. They saw Ben Hur for the first time this weekend. They enjoyed the movie but had questions at the end. They really didn’t know the details about how Jesus died. So at the end of the movie they were asking about the cross, why he was nailed to it, etc.

(Do I need to give a spoiler alert on Ben Hur? Hopefully not, classic movie.)

Anyway, at the end Jesus dies and Ben Hur’s mom and sister are magically cured of leprosy at the time of his death and my kids are having a WTF moment.

Son: Wait, how were they cured?

Me: I guess Jesus cured them at his death.

Son (Mocking): Why don’t people just keep killing Jesus every time he comes back and use that to heal the sick?

I just lost it. Sorry if the moment is lost over the Internet…

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The Evolution of Jesus in the Bible

OK, time to get bloggin’…

This was a nicely done video showing how the stories of Jesus got more batshit crazy over time.  Enjoy!

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