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Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

I’m a sucker or WWI air combat games. I talked about Wings of War which is a great game. In many ways this is Wings of War but on the IPad. Not quite as deep of a game as that (the planes are not as customized), but this is a nice game.

The game is turned based movement, you build up your squadron of planes, you get missions and you fight the other side. It’s done very nicely.

Now I’m going to rip the game.

The game is free but….

  • You want to play past the first few missions $1. OK, that’s fair.
  • You want to play the German, US and French Missions $2 per country or $4 for all 3. Well, OK. It’s a fun game and I love WWI.
  • You want to fly with all the WWI aces? There are 8 for $1 each or buy them all for $5. Um, really?
  • You want the ‘Improvement’ that gets your guys healed quicker, planes repaired, etc. There are 3 of them for a $1 each. Wow!

So if I want to the full game: $13 is the cheapest. That’s just nuts.

There is a multiplayer, but it’s not over the Internet, within your local network doesn’t seem to work and pass and play randomly picks a mission for you. I’d rather let me pick, thank you…

IF multiplayer worked over the internet? You would likely get me to spring for all the planes. As is, nope.

It’s a cute game, it’s worth the $1. It might be worth $5 to a lot of folks if multiplayer was better. $13? I can’t pay that. It’s not THAT good a game right now. Not even close.

Edit: Multiplayer is fixed in a ‘minor update’ to the game. I’ll check it out shortly.

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