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Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol Part 2

So some quick updates…

As I edited into my first post, Multi-player is fixed. A random mission is picked and you and another player (that you invite via Game Center or pass and play) plays the mission. You get to pick what planes and abilities you want via a point system. You start a mission with X points and each upgrade to your plane will cost you 1 or 2 points.

However, some of the missions are odd. For the first mission, my son and I configured a 3 plane battle and the mission the game picked ended the battle after 1 plane was shot down. There really needs to be more options with multiplayer.

I’m still likely to spring for the other country’s mission ($4 if you get them all at once), but everything that I’m hearing is telling me this is at best a ‘nice to have’. The mission are really all the same (not shocking) and the differences in the planes are not that clear in many cases, which is really too bad. There is just poor documentation in this game.

So summary:


  • Overall, nice combat game
  • Fun to play


  • Too many ‘pay to play options’ that are not worth the money
  • Multiplayer fixed, but needs better options
  • Bad Documentation

It’s clearly worth the $1 for the British missions and, if you like it, the $4 for the other ‘planes’ (missions are really the same). Don’t spend more than that, IMO.

In a lot of ways it’s on the edge of being one of the best games on the IPad, but the developer got greedy and pushed this across the finish line too fast. More updates to fix up multiplayer, some documentation to let us know what we are paying for with all these extra planes and more options to customize the battles would be a good start to really make this game shine.

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