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I want to take a second and give some props to Iamoneandiamlegion

If you have a Necromancer and you are not watching his videos, you are missing something. The amount of detail he gives about his Necro builds are over the top. This is the build I current have and it really does well in PvE. I was playing it last night and our group was hitting the 25 stack limit for bleeding consistently. The character has a very good survivability rate as well.

One thing I’m trying to learn about is how to put a good group together for PvE. In general, I like to have two fighter types (Guardian\Warrior) and the other 3 split between support (Necro\Engineer\Mesmer) and DPS (Elementalist\Ranger). I’m not sure where to put the Thief in a group yet.

I’ve learned a number of ways to glitch the game in PvE, but would like to learn better how to take things down as a group. What does each Profession has to offer? I’ll post things as I find them or feel free to point me to good links.

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