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The GOP Civil War

As you likely know, if you follow the news, the GOP and Dems are at each other over Obamacare again.

On the face of it, this whole thing is silly. The GOP might not like it, but the Dems control the White House and the Senate. Trying to hold a gun to their head to change their minds, is very unlikely to work. In the end, this will go on for a bit, until Wall Street gets fed up and then the GOP will be forced to give in.

But really, this is about the tea party vs the rest of the GOP. The rest of the GOP wants to move on. They may not like Obamacare, but this is not the time to fight this battle (nor is it the right time when they get to the debt ceiling). This is a losing battle for the GOP until they control more of the govt.

Look here is my $.02 on Obamacare:

  • I’ve seen first hand how companies don’t hire full time employees because they don’t want to pay the overhead of health insurance.  Instead, they hire contractors so they don’t have to pay for benefits.
  • Because of the above point, I think it makes sense to decouple your job and health insurance.
  • Because of the high cost, some sort of govt. help is needed to get people health insurance.
  • While I’ll agree that Obamacare is likely to have problems (with anything new, you need to shake out the bugs), it’s a step in the direction of decoupling your health insurance to your job.  Therefore I support it.  It can be adjusted later as needed.
  • The GOP plan is: keep everything the same.  This I don’t agree with, so until I see something more serious, I’m stuck with supporting Obamacare.
  1. October 1, 2013 at 3:06 am

    Are Republicans the new Democrats?

    Remember how in the 90′s Democrats used to whine and complain that Republicans won battle after battle because they were better organised, more disciplined and more ruthless? Well maybe the boot is on the other foot now…

    The budget / Obama-care battle is looking like one that will (sadly) be a victory for the Dems. Poll after poll shows that voters will blame the GOP for the shut down. Which is why Boehner desperately wanted to avoid this battle and save his fire for the debt ceiling fight which is just around the corner. But could he control his caucus? No. Well, not nearly as effectively as Harry Reid controlled his. Not a single Dem senator broke ranks on the budget fight, even the “red state” ones who are facing tough re-election battles and could be hurt by this.

    If Boehner had had his way, then the GOP in the house would have avoided this fight and instead been alive and well to win the debt ceiling fight. But he couldn’t control his flock as well as Reid controls his.

    So we will bleed centre-ish support over this fight instead of scoring valuable points in a totally win-able debt ceiling battle…

    And by being totally inflexible on any compromise to the budget, Reid has ruthlessly forced the first of these two big battles to be fought on terrain that favours him and will thus deliver a well-thought out victory for our Democrat friends.

  2. October 1, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    So some disagreements\thoughts here…

    1) Reid has forced nothing. If the tea party had just voted to fund the law that had already passed and was taken to the Supreme Court, the GOP wouldn’t look bad. The tea party wing of the GOP is overstepping. Even Karl Rove is trying to make the tea party see reason.

    2) The battle for Obamacare has been lost by the GOP. From a national point of view, the GOP has tried to run against Obama and his healthcare plan and has lost each time. If the GOP wants to win on a national scale, it needs to figure that out and move on.

    3) It doesn’t take a very smart person to figure out that Obama is going to go to the mat for a bill that has his name on it and is starting today. Obama is going to stand firm on this. He’s not up for reelection.

    4) Boehner hasn’t been in control of the house for a while. The tea party won’t listen to him and veteran members of the GOP think the tea party is nuts. Either the tea party will take over the GOP, the tea party will be pushed to the side as their supporters die off (most support comes from the older generations) or there will be a 3rd party (unlikely).

    I see you have a pic of Reagan for your avatar. If you were alive for Reagan you likely understand that the Dems uphold Reagan’s ideas much more than the GOP does today and that’s the problem. The Dems are the lesser of two evils and it’s not even close.

    Edit: Typed Reid instead of Boehner in point 4

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