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Alliance Wars: Who’s on the Attack?

First let’s talk basics.  Who should you bring on the attack.  Let’s start with that.

First, you are playing against other player’s heroes.  The better players are going to have the mastery ‘Willpower’.  So this means, when you toss a de-buff on a hero, they are going to regenerate 1.5% (Maybe 1.725% if they have recovery) of health per de-buff.

What this means is, if you have a hero who puts bleed on someone, that hero will regain 1.5% of their health per second (the green numbers come out every 1/2 second so you will see .75% per 1/2 second on screen).

So that’s bad enough, but these heroes get a LOT of extra health, so I just fought a hero with Willpower and Recovery maxed out.  That hero had, with the bonuses, 53000ish hitpoints.  I toss one armor break on him and he gets back…

53000 * .01725 = 914 hitpoints back per second

So every half second you will see a +457 coming out of him.

If he had 2 armor breaks, double that number.  You just got to make sure your heroes are not going to activate Willpower.  You can’t keep up with that level of healing.  So who?

Daredevil and Storm are good ones.  They only Stun, which will activate Willpower, but at least you can keep punching them the whole time.  You should come out ahead.  Black Widow is good too (and her signature ability will also help, if it’s unlocked).

Some you can manage.  Winter Soldier will put bleeds on people if they use Special Attack 1 or 3.  Try to only use Special Attack 2.

Bottom line, read your heroes and know how to use them.

More on this on my next post when I talk about the AW map.


I’m Back!

So I’m back and I need to figure out how to work the new interface for wordpress and a bunch of stuff.

So why am I back?

Right now, it’s more about Gaming: Marvel Contest of Champions.  My family and I are playing this a lot and I want to discuss it.  I’m sure that politics and other subjects will come up, but I’m going to start with this Marvel game and talk gaming.    Another post shortly.  Here we go.