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Puerto Rico and San Juan on iOS

I’m going to talk a bit about Puerto Rico and San Juan on iOS.

If you never played either, well, here’s a review of Puerto Rico (PR):

PR is a very deep game and hard to play well. It’s a Resource Management Game that is a lot of fun, if you like thinking. The some bad items about the game:

1) It’s easy for one player to mistakenly give the game to another player and wasting a bunch of time just finishing up the game when it is already over.
2) Some of the buildings are overpriced and I would never build them.

Some good reading on how to play well:

Opening Theory Part 1: General Principles
Opening Theory Part 2: Openings
Strategy Principles (Condensed)
The Large Warehouse of Puerto Rico Knowledge
The Large Warehouse of Puerto Rico Knowledge Part 2

PR for the iOS updated its app a few weeks ago to allow for asynchronous play, which means, both people don’t have to be online to play a game. You make a move and when the player returns to his iPad he makes his move, etc. It works really well.

Not that long ago San Juan (SJ) was released on the iOS as well. SJ follows the same theme as PR, but it a card game and the rules are boiled down and are much easier. Here’s a review of SJ if you haven’t played it:

So here’s the point of all this…

Cost of PR app: $8 I can see this. PR is a deep game that can give you interesting moves to figure out even after playing it many times. Not cheap, but I could see (and have) spent the money. 🙂

Cost of SJ app: $8 This I can’t see and I won’t pay it. San Juan is a great game and they did a great job on the app (a friend did buy it and gave it a test run). However, SJ is not worth $8. It’s a good game, but no where near as deep. I’ve played the hell out of it (as have many others I know) and can play this on auto-pilot and still win. Some things that would help:

1) Add asynchronous play like PR. I bet they will, but it isn’t there yet.
2) Add the optional dealing rule: First player gets 5 cards, 2nd 6 cards, etc and discard to 4 cards to start the game. Having played in SJ tournaments, this is the fairest way to play. Otherwise the last player is at a disadvantage.

Sorry, don’t know what Ravensburger Digital was thinking on this. $8 is a lot to pay for an app like this. Caylus, for example is $5 and is a similar deep game like PR. I’ll wait for a sale and someone needs to talk to whoever is pricing these apps at Ravensburger…


Waiting for the Money Pit (Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino)

Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino

So Dominion is an excellent card game. It plays 2-4 players and up to 6 players if you buy some of the expansions. Here is a Tom Vasel’s review of it:

It takes a little bit to setup it up, but it’s a lot of fun and once you know the cards, the game can play quick (30 mins or less).

Now what about this app for Dominion? Well, if you read this thread you will see that this app is only a free app that will be pulled once the developers release the full app.

So when you look at the app, you can see why the app is a little ‘rough around the edges’ when you play it. No developer is going to put a lot of time into an app that’s going to get pulled. That said, it works well and allows 2 player multiplayer. It’s a great time filler right now when you have 5-10 mins to kill.

That said, Rio Grande Games said back in January that the official version of the game will be out in a few weeks. That was back in Jan 2012 and I’m still waiting.

Look, I understand as a developer, that deadlines can get missed, but missed by 4 months shouldn’t happen if the game is going to be out ‘in a few weeks’. Get this app done so I can give you my money please. 🙂

Until then, try and enjoy the free version.

Are you Ready for Ragnarok?


Is that a nice looking image or what?

Yggdrasil is a board game that I reviewed here. It is a nice multiplayer co-op game (i.e. The players work together to beat the game).

Now it’s out for IPad. The graphics are great just like the game itself and it plays really well. There are some unlockable characters, which is also cool.

The only downside to the game is the game is only ‘pass and play’, no playing over the internet yet. I hope that will change. It’s a little pricey at $6, but for board game fans it’s easily worth it. If they allow internet play it’s a Home Run. For now, it’s a solid triple and I’m sure to be playing it for hours.

Here is a repost to Tom Vasel’s review of the boardgame.

Review: Yggdrasil

January 5, 2012 1 comment


(Thanks to BoardGameGeek for the images.)

So I’ve played this game once before while visiting some friends during a business trip. It’s a nice looking game:


The idea of the game is 6 ‘Evil Gods’ from the Norse Myths are trying to bring about the end of the world by destroying Yggdrasil. The tree of life that supports the 9 worlds. Each player is a God, also from the Norse world, who is trying to stop Evil from succeeding. All the players are working together against the game.

On each player’s turn, a card is flipped over which advances one of the Evil Gods along a track. The players lose if enough of the Evil Gods pass certain points on the track. The players win if they can stop that from happening by fighting Evil on their turn (winning a fight pushes Evil back on the track) until Evil runs out of cards in the deck.

There are a number of things the players have to help themselves along: Weapons, each of which helps fight one of the evil Gods, Elves, Dead Vikings Souls, etc. plus each God has their own power (some are better than others). The players can visit 3 of the 9 worlds each turn that gives them these things.

However, each of the Evil Gods has an power that activates when they move. They stop the players from using their powers or make them harder to use.

I’ve come close but haven’t won the game yet. Some of this is bad luck (I got so mad at the die roles I programmed the die in Dicenomicon) and not tracking Evil’s movement closely enough. I should be beating this game soon and adding some special cards that make the game harder.

The art and theme of this game rocks, even though the game is closer to a Eurogame then Ameritrash. It plays 1 to 6 players and I think the game gets a little harder with more players. I think it’s a keeper. I’ll be playing this one for awhile.


October 12, 2011 1 comment

Yea, I got my Xmas list ready baby!

The first game I’m going to get is Star Trek: Fleet Captains. Which I posted a video of here.

The other game I’m going to get is Yggdrasil. I played this once before while visiting a gaming group during a business trip. Here is a video review from Tom Vasel:

As the video points out it is similar to Pandemic in that it is a co-op game. Pandemic is a great game by the way if you don’t have it.

What’s nice about co-op games is that all the players are playing against the ‘game’. It allows for more interaction between the people at the table as you work together to win. Having games like this is great. The group can help new players along and players and come and go as needed from the table without worring about slowing up the game.

Based on my one play, it I didn’t think it was as good as Pandemic (not as deep for sure), but a solid game with some top rate art on the board.

If you don’t know of Pandemic, here you go:

7 Wonders

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment

One game I’ve been enjoying is 7 Wonders.

Overall, it’s a good game. You are trying to get the most points by playing cards. There are a number of ways to get points: By Building your Wonder, Armies, Science, etc.

The main trick is you get to play one card in your hand and then you pass your hand to the next person (as does everyone else). So you are trying to play the card that helps you the most and trying to make sure the person next to you doesn’t get passed a card he wants… and everyone else playing is doing the same.

The game moves quick. Maybe 45 mins if you have new players and 30 mins otherwise.

Here is the Dice Tower review of the game (you might want to skip to time 1:11 on the video, the start has some bad audio):

Overall, I like this game and agree a lot with these guys. It’s not a heavy game, but that’s OK and if you play it alot live or online, then it might get a little old. However, when the game plays this fast, I don’t find that to be an issue. It’s simple (a bit of a learning curve for new players who don’t play resource games) and quick.

I disagree that this game has no theme. It’s a CARD game, not a game with pieces. Each wonder does play a little differently. The cards look great and are well made. I think these guys are compairing it to heavier games and that’s not fair to 7 Wonders.