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Thanks Potholer54!

So the Golden Crocoduck is out again along with some happy and sad news…

So Potholer54 career is heating up and he will be taking a break from videos (follow the link to see his videos). This is both happy and sad news. Happy because this man has too much talent to be sitting around making these videos and sad because he will be making less videos.

Good luck Peter Hadfield!


Golden Crocoduck Winner!

The election kept me busy enough that I forgot to post the winner of the Golden Crocoduck and the QQOQQ:

Can’t say I’m that shocked who won, I voted for someone else.

Good, but nothing beats Bill from last year. 🙂

Golden Crocoduck Fun

I’ve been talking a bit about the anti-science crowd for a few posts now. I’ve gotten a few more follows lately, so I thought I’d toss up some Potholer54 videos who goes after some of these folks with his Golden Crocoduck award.

Every year, Potholer54 hosts the famed Golden Crocoduck Awards where the viewers vote for the biggest breach of the 9th Commandment by creationists.

Now it won’t take long before you start saying that these guys are crazy and rightly so. These are the worse of the worse. However, a lot of people listen to these folks, believe the same things or some something similar. It amazes me how people can twist their brain just to believe a 2000 year old book.

Yes it’s a lot of video, but it will save me the time later when I want to vote for the Golden Crocoduck to have most of them in one spot.