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Drync and Wine Log Pro

I like Wine! So I need a good app to track my wine, let’s chat about what I have been using:

Wine Log Pro

Wine Log Pro

I’ve been using this for years. It was renamed not that long ago for the next app I’m going to blog about shortly. It allows you to search their database (or enter your own wine if you can’t find it) and very nicely write down everything about it: A public and private description, year, style, rating and do you want\own\drink it yet, etc.

It’s search function was slow, but I’ve used this for a while and it has worked well for me.

Now it has been replaced and I don’t like it.



So the last app was called Drync but it was renamed and the name given to this app.

It’s a nicer interface to be sure, but the focus of the app seems to be selling you wine instead of tracking it. There are some tracking features to be sure, but the nice thing about the last app is that I could track what was currently in my wine cellar so I knew what I might need if I’m out at the store. Heh, maybe that’s why they took it away.

Anyway, it’s free to me since I brought the first app and I downloaded and quickly removed it. Yes it does import my wine reviews, but a lot of the tracking features I cared about are gone.

Here’s a hint to Drync LLC, if you take away features from your app, you are going to tick someone off. It’s just a few little things that would have been easy for you to add. Should have been easy.

So I guess this is more of me b*tching. Sorry about that. Guess I’ll look for another app.


Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol Part 3

This should be the last post on this app.

I did spring for the ‘mission pack’, which should be called the ‘additional planes pack’, because the missions are the same but the planes are really different.

I just flew 2 Halbetstadt DII against 2 Spad SVII and the Spads were clearly faster, so the planes are more than just the same thing with a different skin.

So, I’m satisfied. I don’t see the worth in the other purchases, however.

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol Part 2

So some quick updates…

As I edited into my first post, Multi-player is fixed. A random mission is picked and you and another player (that you invite via Game Center or pass and play) plays the mission. You get to pick what planes and abilities you want via a point system. You start a mission with X points and each upgrade to your plane will cost you 1 or 2 points.

However, some of the missions are odd. For the first mission, my son and I configured a 3 plane battle and the mission the game picked ended the battle after 1 plane was shot down. There really needs to be more options with multiplayer.

I’m still likely to spring for the other country’s mission ($4 if you get them all at once), but everything that I’m hearing is telling me this is at best a ‘nice to have’. The mission are really all the same (not shocking) and the differences in the planes are not that clear in many cases, which is really too bad. There is just poor documentation in this game.

So summary:


  • Overall, nice combat game
  • Fun to play


  • Too many ‘pay to play options’ that are not worth the money
  • Multiplayer fixed, but needs better options
  • Bad Documentation

It’s clearly worth the $1 for the British missions and, if you like it, the $4 for the other ‘planes’ (missions are really the same). Don’t spend more than that, IMO.

In a lot of ways it’s on the edge of being one of the best games on the IPad, but the developer got greedy and pushed this across the finish line too fast. More updates to fix up multiplayer, some documentation to let us know what we are paying for with all these extra planes and more options to customize the battles would be a good start to really make this game shine.

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

I’m a sucker or WWI air combat games. I talked about Wings of War which is a great game. In many ways this is Wings of War but on the IPad. Not quite as deep of a game as that (the planes are not as customized), but this is a nice game.

The game is turned based movement, you build up your squadron of planes, you get missions and you fight the other side. It’s done very nicely.

Now I’m going to rip the game.

The game is free but….

  • You want to play past the first few missions $1. OK, that’s fair.
  • You want to play the German, US and French Missions $2 per country or $4 for all 3. Well, OK. It’s a fun game and I love WWI.
  • You want to fly with all the WWI aces? There are 8 for $1 each or buy them all for $5. Um, really?
  • You want the ‘Improvement’ that gets your guys healed quicker, planes repaired, etc. There are 3 of them for a $1 each. Wow!

So if I want to the full game: $13 is the cheapest. That’s just nuts.

There is a multiplayer, but it’s not over the Internet, within your local network doesn’t seem to work and pass and play randomly picks a mission for you. I’d rather let me pick, thank you…

IF multiplayer worked over the internet? You would likely get me to spring for all the planes. As is, nope.

It’s a cute game, it’s worth the $1. It might be worth $5 to a lot of folks if multiplayer was better. $13? I can’t pay that. It’s not THAT good a game right now. Not even close.

Edit: Multiplayer is fixed in a ‘minor update’ to the game. I’ll check it out shortly.

Werewolf iOS Reviews

December 30, 2012 8 comments

I love Werewolf. If you haven’t played, it’s a great party game. To quote BoardGameGeek if you haven’t played:

Werewolf takes place in a small village which is hunted by werewolves.

Each player is secretly assigned a role – Werewolf, Villager, or Seer (a special Villager). There is also a Moderator player who controls the flow of the game.

The game alternates between night and day phases. At night, the Werewolves secretly choose a Villager to kill. Also, the Seer (if still alive) asks whether another player is a Werewolf or not. During the day, the Villager who was killed is revealed and is out of the game. The remaining Villagers then vote on the player they suspect is a Werewolf. That player reveals his/her role and is out of the game.

Werewolves win when there are an equal number of Villagers and Werewolves. Villagers win when they have killed all Werewolves. Werewolf is a social game that requires no equipment to play, and can accommodate almost any large group of players.

Now, I have young kids and have tried to play this game with them and their friends with various degrees of success. The problem is, to play people have to cover their eyes during different parts of the game and you just can’t trust kids to do that and that messes up the game.

But I’ve found having an app run it makes all the difference. 🙂 However, everything I’ve used so far has had it pluses and minuses. Here is the two best I’ve found so far:




  • Standard rules and the interface is well done.
  • Has other roles like the Seer, Vigilante, Protector and Lovers.
  • The app handles the voting and the night time perfectly.  Villagers have to guess who they think a wolf is at night for fun.  This gives everyone something to do at night and doesn’t single out the special characters.  Nice touch.


  • There is only one, but it is big: You MUST pick players off of your contact list.

This is a major pain in the butt. If someone isn’t in your contact list, you have to jump out and add them. This slows down starting a game quite a bit. Enough so, that I’m looking for another app when I want to toss a game together quickly.

This app has not been touched since 2009, so I don’t think changes are going to happen soon.

Werewolf – Curse of Pandora



  • Everyone enters there name on the fly.  Good for a quick game.
  • Nice art.


  • Non-standard Programming: No back buttons to move between screens and using dails for some of the functions seems off.
  • No rules with the game and the rules it does use are not what I call standard.  For example, there is not a day and night voting phase.  Just one hidden voting phase where everyone votes for who their team kills.  Seems odd to me that the village vote would be private.
  • Items and more roles exist than the first game.  That’s nice, but more control is needed for this option.
  • Not fully sure the seer is working.  I need to play with this game a bit more to see how it’s being handled.

Well, the guy does have blog and did update the app in 2011. Maybe it will improve.  It has the feel of someone’s first project.

Which one to get? Well, I have both depending on what I run into, but the first app is a lot closer. ‘Pandora’ needs an overhaul for the serious Werewolf player.

If I had an Mac, this would be my first coding project.

Waiting for the Money Pit (Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino)

Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino

So Dominion is an excellent card game. It plays 2-4 players and up to 6 players if you buy some of the expansions. Here is a Tom Vasel’s review of it:

It takes a little bit to setup it up, but it’s a lot of fun and once you know the cards, the game can play quick (30 mins or less).

Now what about this app for Dominion? Well, if you read this thread you will see that this app is only a free app that will be pulled once the developers release the full app.

So when you look at the app, you can see why the app is a little ‘rough around the edges’ when you play it. No developer is going to put a lot of time into an app that’s going to get pulled. That said, it works well and allows 2 player multiplayer. It’s a great time filler right now when you have 5-10 mins to kill.

That said, Rio Grande Games said back in January that the official version of the game will be out in a few weeks. That was back in Jan 2012 and I’m still waiting.

Look, I understand as a developer, that deadlines can get missed, but missed by 4 months shouldn’t happen if the game is going to be out ‘in a few weeks’. Get this app done so I can give you my money please. 🙂

Until then, try and enjoy the free version.

Are you Ready for Ragnarok?


Is that a nice looking image or what?

Yggdrasil is a board game that I reviewed here. It is a nice multiplayer co-op game (i.e. The players work together to beat the game).

Now it’s out for IPad. The graphics are great just like the game itself and it plays really well. There are some unlockable characters, which is also cool.

The only downside to the game is the game is only ‘pass and play’, no playing over the internet yet. I hope that will change. It’s a little pricey at $6, but for board game fans it’s easily worth it. If they allow internet play it’s a Home Run. For now, it’s a solid triple and I’m sure to be playing it for hours.

Here is a repost to Tom Vasel’s review of the boardgame.