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Mitt Romney: I can’t do it…

I really hate knowing who I’m going to vote for this early in the race, but I have to face that there is no way I’m going to vote for Mitt later this year.

So to give a high level view of where I’ve been politically:

  • I was a big supporter of the GOP during the end of the Carter Presidency and thru Reagan.
  • This started to change during the first Bush Presidency as the GOP went deeper with the Religious Right, but I still supported them thru Bush, Clinton and part of Bush II.
  • By the end of Bush II’s Presidency, the GOP had drove me away. Their ties with Religion has moved them to go against science, woman, the poor, gays, and anyone else that Religion likes to hate about.
  • During the Obama’s first term, I switched parties. I really don’t like being part of either party, but the rules of voting in my state make it so you really should be in one of the major parties.

Here is my prior posts on politics.

So why not Mitt? Well, let’s take a step back and look why the GOP is more of an issue right now then the Democrats when it comes to the health of the USA…

The GOP likes to frame the difference between the two parties as personal responsibility vs government responsibility. So, for example, the GOP will say that we give out too many hand outs to the poor so they have no reason to want to look for work. These people are a drain to the economy and should be pushed to find a job.

Part of this is true, I do think part of the country is too dependent on hand outs. There is a lot of reasons for this and I would argue that many of them is not the fault of the poor. Still the GOP is arguing for ‘tuning’ the economic engine of the USA to make it run better. This message reaches a lot of people.

However, on the flip side of the GOP, the are directly attacking the economic engine of the United States itself. This was talked about by Bill Nye. The GOP is attacking science and getting people to distrust science. This is REALLY bad. Science drives the economy. Look around your life. Everything from your smart phone to air conditioning. This is what science brings you. Move people away from science and you are damaging the health of the USA.

So as much as I would like to ‘tune’ the USA’s economy, I also have to defend what we have now. When the GOP drops the anti-science crap, then I’ll talk to the GOP again. I don’t think this will happen soon given the hold of the Bible thumpers on the party.

However, does Mitt follow the GOP’s stance? I really don’t know. I do feel the Mitt will stand for whatever gets him elected. That’s clear from his changes in Health Care and woman issues. His choice of Matt Ryan as VP shows that the far right has their hooks in him deep. It’s similar to the Sarah Palin pick, but Matt has a stronger background. I really feel the paybacks he will make to the GOP will hurt this country in the long run.

As for President Obama, he has been a weak President. It took a lot to pass the Healthcare bill. Likely too much political capital was spent, but for his faults he has stabilized the economy. Healthcare still needs work, but I haven’t heard anything better from the GOP.

Can Mitt do better? I don’t know. He clearly would have made the wrong choice for the automakers. I’m sure companies would make lot of money under Mitt, but will that translate to US jobs instead of jobs overseas or have the money just pocketed by big business? I doubt Mitt will care what business does with the money.

Bottom line, I don’t have tons of praise for Obama here, but I don’t feel that the GOP is the right direction. They need to move back to the positions they held under Reagan and it’s not a shock that was the last time the GOP was truly successful..

And BTW, I never voted for Bill Clinton, but he knows how to give a speech: