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Santorum Lives!

Up from the grave he arose! With a mighty triumph o’er his foes! [Christian Song]

Well Santorum won Alabama and Mississippi. Romney won Hawaii. (Results) So what does this tell us:

  • Mitt Romney is not popular enough in the south: Mitt was about even with Newt Gingrich in these states. If Newt would drop out of the race (he won’t), it’s not hard to see that Santorum would get more of his votes than Romney.
  • The GOP has lost control of its own party: Don’t kid yourself, the GOP knows Santorum is too bat-shit crazy religious to win and is trying everything in its power to push Romney over the top. All the big names are supporting Romney and he can’t win in the bible belt.

So how does the GOP leaders get back control of it’s party? This started last election cycle with Sarah Palin being forced onto John McCain by the Religious Right. Even if Romney can win 50%+1 of the delegates, he’s going to have to pick some religious nut job like Palin, Santorum, Michele Bachmann, etc. for VP. If Romney doesn’t win 50%+1, then he has real trouble because it could be that Santorum and Newt could team up to get the delegate count needed. Current totals:

  • Romney 495
  • Santorum 252
  • Gingrich 131
  • Paul 48

The winner needs 1144 votes.

So for right now, Santorum + Gingrich < Romney and even Santorum + Gingrich + Paul < Romney but who know if it will stay that way.

So back to the topic: So how do the GOP leaders get back control of its party? The answer is simple: Dial back on the Religion and the Anti-Science.

Dial back on Religion

The GOP leaders are having the same problem Atheists have: You can’t argue against God, because their believe is based on faith (i.e. They believe it because they want to, not on a logical arguement). I’m not telling the GOP to convert to be Atheist, but they need to tone down the God message. These folks are going to follow ‘God’ before you, so you can only fire up this part of the base so much.

Stop the Anti-Science

I hate to break this to you but Science really does conflict with Religion on just about every level. Many people don’t look at these conflicts too closely because Religion makes them feel good. Something talked about in thunderf00t’s video below:

Anyway, to those who are deep into Religion, attacking science (even in issues like Global Warming for example) is going to fire them up because you are supporting their religion by attacking those who are attacking their beliefs, not directly, but just as part of their job of finding out how the world works and what its history is.

Stop the Anti-Science message. It’s bad for the USA and it hurts your ability to stay in power (likely more important to the GOP). If you folks want to believe in God, fine, but at least accept most of what is real in this world. We will all be better for it (and it will give you a better shot at winning the next election, regardless of if you win this one).