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The End of YouTube? (WLG vs Tf00t Part 2)

Here is the question: Is YouTube a forum that is worth posting on?

If you are a big company, then yes (for now). YouTube is popular and is supported in a lot of ways (phone apps, etc). However, what if you are a small channel or someone who posts for fun, vlogging, etc. I would say no.

As you can see from the video below, YouTube refuses to police their own forum. Others can file false copyright claims to quiet people with whom they don’t agree with. I can understand why YouTube doesn’t want to play policeman to a degree, but there has to be a standard where enough is enough.

If not, then YouTube, as a forum of free speech, will end. I think that’s the way its going and I wouldn’t put my time into this forum if I was starting out new. YouTube itself won’t go, but it’s opening the door that I think another web site will step through and grab some of it’s market share.

Thunderfoot will still win this fight in the end. It’s only a matter of time, but it would be nice to put folks who break the law in their place.

Salute to Creationist Women Part 7

Finially it’s done.

As I guessed, once Potholer54 got YouTube’s attention (past level 1 support), the issue got fixed. Good for him and thank you Potholer for standing up for what is right.

That took way too long. Here is the video again that started it all.

Salute to Creationist Women Part 6 (Or YouTube Gets its Butt Kicked)

Wow, so now the battle with Amenakin is official over, but YouTube won’t restore Potholer54’s videos?

I don’t think this is going to be a long battle. Potholer will have to bring some guns to bare on the problem and I think when smarter heads at YouTube look at it, then it will be fixed. Still, this could get interesting…