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Thunderf00t vs PZ

So I want to give my $.02 on this mess.

FreeThought Blogs is an Atheist blog site the host many blogs. Thunderf00t, who vids I show quite a bit on this blog, posted this following post about sexual harassment at atheist conferences.

Now I haven’t been to an atheist conference, nor am I a woman, so it’s hard for me to know if there is a problem or not. That being said, I didn’t see much wrong with Thunderf00t’s post at the first read. He doesn’t see the problem that others do. He may be right or wrong, but I didn’t see much wrong with the post. He at least seems willing to discuss the problem. I will say I agree with Tf00t that anything that happens outside of the conference (i.e. In a bar) is not the business of any atheist conference.

Youtube from Tf00t.

PZ Myers responds with what I thought was a bit over the top and reading into some of Tfoot’s posts.

At this point, Thunderf00t fires with both barrels.

And gets himself kicked off FreeThought Blogs:

Now, again, I’m not going to get into the pissing match. However, I will say that Thunderf00t getting kicked off FreeThought Blogs is BS. Of course those who run the site can do what they want. It’s funny that FreeThought Blogs doesn’t really like a free exchange of thoughts. C0nc0rdance does a good job is summing everything up.

In the end, I found that PZ was quick to take it to the next level and didn’t really think though what he was doing. Thunderf00t didn’t really try to smooth things over either. If I’m going to give blame, I’d give it 75%/25% in favor of PZ.

In the end it’s a shame that the two couldn’t get along, but I also learned something about FreeThought Blogs. I learned that I don’t think I would want to blog there either…

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