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Day of the Doctor (Review)

If you don’t watch Dr Who, then this post makes no sense to you. Don’t read more if you haven’t seen Day of the Doctor.

*** Spoilers ***

First, I’m a big Dr Who fan. I’ve seen all the ‘old Who’ shows and most of the ‘new Who’. (I missed a few and I’m knocking those out now.)

I think Day of the Doctor took in a direction that few fans thought it would. I think a bunch of folks were expecting more Time War in the show to start with.

Most of the show was a ‘normal’ show. You had Zygons, they had a plan and the doctor (2/3 of them depending on how you count) foiled it. The events with the Zygons made the ‘War Doctor’ realize that he had to ‘push the button’. Everything so far make it an OK show…

Then everything took off…

The doctors coming back to be with the War Doctor to kill their own race was just moving and all the doctors coming back to save his race was epic. It was a great end to the story.

At the end, the War Doctor will be remembered as another doctor because he did not kill the Time Lords. He was accepted by the 10th\11th (now 11th\12th in my book) as one of them. Add him in boys…

War Doctor

And then Tom Baker came back…

Baker was a future Doctor who took on his old face (very clever) and was retired. He tells (in a round about way) Matt Smith’s doctor to go and find the Time Lords.

And with that the whole show changed…

The show since the ‘reboot’ has had the theme that the Doctor had killed his race the Time Lords and he has been wondering the universe sad and alone every since. Now that has changed, the Time Lords exist and he can save his planet Gallifrey and all the Time Lords.

In the end, for the first time, the Doctor saved himself and that makes this the best Doctor Who ever.

Night of the Doctor

I’ve been wanting to talk about Doctor Who and the coming 50th Anniversary, but watch this first and we will talk later.